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Tax & Financial Planning and Strategies

By employing effective tax planning strategies, you can have more money to save and invest, more money to spend, or both, your choice.

Put another way, tax planning means deferring and sometimes avoiding taxes by taking advantage of tax-law provisions, increasing and accelerating tax deductions and credits, and generally making maximum use of all applicable breaks available under the Internal Revenue Code.

Tax rules are now more complicated than ever, making the benefits of good tax planning more valuable than ever before.

Financial planning involves the implementing of strategies that help you reach your financial goals, whether short-term or long-term.

Because taxes are such a large expense item, Tax Planning and Financial Planning are closely linked. Taxes are one of the biggest expenses of individuals and businesses alike. So then, planning to reduce taxes is a critically important piece of the overall financial planning process.


Our firm can help you with planning by running comparative scenarios in order to determine the most advantageous strategy for your unique circumstances.


Some of the situations we can help you navigate through include:

  • Selling investment assets (stocks, mutual funds and bonds)

  • Purchasing vs. renting a home

  • Purchasing vs. leasing a vehicle

  • Retirement Planning – Traditional IRA vs Roth IRA, etc.

  • Withdrawals from retirement plans, such as: 401(k)s, IRAs etc.

  • Marriage or Divorce

  • Managing employee business expenses

  • Starting, buying or selling a business

  • Tax-free investing opportunities

  • Using a home office

  • Gifting to family or charitable organizations

  • Borrowing or lending money

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